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  1. Gentlegiant

    Wiper Blades

    Morning All, Just want advice need to renew wiper blades on my 2017 t32 tekna both fronts and maybe rear. Looking for recommendations on which ones to buy. Thanks
  2. Gentlegiant

    1st Service

    Hi, My X-trail has just had it's first service and the dealer spotted a small oil leak which they are doing under warranty. I also got a free map update and was told as long as i get the car serviced through Nissan I get free full breakdown cover for the year. Can't be bad!!
  3. Gentlegiant

    Front Fog Light

    Could anyone tell me if I do a straight change from standard fog light bulb to LED on a T32 Xtrail please
  4. Gentlegiant

    Wind Deflectors

    Cheers for that, I will look for better quality ones.
  5. Gentlegiant

    Wind Deflectors

    Hi All, I am now after the chrome trim that goes round the indicator on the wing mirrors any ideas. I've looked on ebay and they all seem to be from China and Hong Kong has any body ordered any of these from ebay and what is the quality like Please.
  6. Gentlegiant

    Wind Deflectors

    Can't really see the wind deflectors but they not only stop wind noise but also look good.
  7. Gentlegiant

    Wind Deflectors

    My wind deflectors came and are on my x-trail and I must say what a difference they make when window down. A good purchase in my opinion.Will post a picture later when washed and polished my car.
  8. Gentlegiant

    Wind Deflectors

    I have ordered a set of 4 Heko from eBay for £29.99. They are due any day now so will let you know how they are. They are actually from mk.tuning11
  9. Gentlegiant

    Wind Deflectors

    I have a 2017 x-trail tekna where is the best place to get front and rear wind deflectors please.
  10. Gentlegiant


    There is just one problem the sat nav won,t pick up my location no matter where I am. I can manually enter the location but it will stay on that and calculate my route from there. Any ideas on what to do it is brand new. the dealer said they will have to get it on their diagnostic machine but can,t fit it in until end of month. Thanks.
  11. Gentlegiant


    I have now got my x-trail and what a machine absolutely love it. I have had a qashqai 1.6 petrol in the past which was so under powered but this xtrail is something different.
  12. Gentlegiant


    Hi all, Totally new to this. I am collecting my new X-Trail Tekna 1.6dci on Friday and can't wait. just looking for feed back on power and driving experiences.
  13. Gentlegiant

    New to the forum

    Hi, New to this. I Am picking my Brand new x-trail Tekna 1.6dci up on Friday. Can't wait. Had a qashqai 1.6 petrol a while ago, loved the car but very under powered I hope I don't have same problem with X-Trail.