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  1. OK, just realised this is an old thread, but still might help someone. I've replaced the hazard switch and the flasher unit. My circuit tester lights when it touches the input terminal of the flasher unit, but not when it touches either of the other terminals. Does that mean the replacement flasher unit is faulty?
  2. Hi all, I have the same problem but haven't found the cause yet. Fuses all look OK. I've changed the hazard switch and the flasher unit so far. Doing old-fashioned hand signals for now, as in 1960s Highway Code! One tip though - when you change the flasher unit, take the instrument panel cover off first (1 Phillips screw under the fascia each side of the steering wheel) so that you can see what you're doing. Cheers, Nick
  3. Hi all, usual apologies if this has been covered before. Daughter's 2002 K11 has passed the MoT with advisories: wear in both the front suspension lower balljoints. I've heard it's easier to replace the whole lower arm - looks a straightforward job despite being graded as "3 spanners" in the Haynes manual. I'd be interested to hear of any snags or "traps for the unwary" from anyone who's done the job. Thanks and Merry Christmas, Nick
  4. Hi Trevor, thank you for your quick reply. OK, by brute force and ignorance I've pushed the slam plate and the bonnet almost back into shape, apart from one particularly stubborn dent and a slight ripple in the bonnet - so still on the lookout for a replacement (colour code Z10 K). The headlights were also pushed back by the impact, but I *think* I've now got them pointing straight ahead enough to pass the MoT. My daughter hasn't taken her test yet, so I've been borrowing the Micra to drive to work (about 18 miles each way). I thought I didn't like small cars, but it's been fun so far.
  5. Hi all, last month my daughter bought a 2001 Micra K11 1.0 to learn on. Excellent condition, low mileage, service history. But I've dented it, just by moving it on our driveway ! Oh my goodness, was I in trouble. The only bit of good news is that the bonnet seems to have taken the impact, leaving everything else untouched, apart from pushing back the panel where the radiator is mounted. So... how easy is it to swap a bonnet on a K11? Do any of you have one for sale, preferably red (colour code to be confirmed) and in Sussex? Sorry, that's a lot of questions for a newbie, but I need to get myself out of trouble! Many thanks, Nick