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  1. I'm currently checking new wheels to replace the OEM of my Nissan Titan. I've seen plenty of possible options but HD wheels caught my attention. Has anyone here tried installing HD wheels before? I want to know if it's good off-roading and if it's not hard to clean and maintain.
  2. I've been wondering if any of the members here have an experience driving a truck with Nitto tires installed. I am interested to buy a set of NT555 G2 tires for my Frontier but I can't make up my mind if I'll stick with that choice. What other choices should I consider if I need a set of all-weather tires? Thanks!
  3. That sounds a good deal. Hope I can discover more mechanic with that kind of reasonable pricing.
  4. The current I have is a set of P255/60R15 Radial Mickey Thompson tires I bought from 4WheelOnline. I tried Goodyear before and I can say that it's a good contender.
  5. Does the problem occur again?
  6. Good to know that it also matches the shade.
  7. I'm 6ft flat and I think it works for me well. Though my wife and I would need to make a schedule for a test drive.
  8. I change car depending on the need. When I was single I bought a truck that I can take off-road and on trails. Now that I have kids, I need to look for something that will cater to my family especially when I take them outdoor or on vacation. And those forever cars on the article seems like would pass as a collection, that's why it's hard to let go or change because of its value. Just a thought though.
  9. Absolutely nice write-up. I believe Pulsar is a compact car right? If it's roomy, then I think it's a good choice for a family of four as well as for the welfare of my kids. My wife would love to know this.
  10. I'm here because the admin told me that Qashqai is a good choice for me to start with.
  11. Sure thing. Thanks for the welcome!
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