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  1. I've been wondering if any of the members here have an experience driving a truck with Nitto tires installed. I am interested to buy a set of NT555 G2 tires for my Frontier but I can't make up my mind if I'll stick with that choice. What other choices should I consider if I need a set of all-weather tires? Thanks!
  2. That sounds a good deal. Hope I can discover more mechanic with that kind of reasonable pricing.
  3. The current I have is a set of P255/60R15 Radial Mickey Thompson tires I bought from 4WheelOnline. I tried Goodyear before and I can say that it's a good contender.
  4. Does the problem occur again?
  5. Good to know that it also matches the shade.
  6. I'm 6ft flat and I think it works for me well. Though my wife and I would need to make a schedule for a test drive.
  7. I change car depending on the need. When I was single I bought a truck that I can take off-road and on trails. Now that I have kids, I need to look for something that will cater to my family especially when I take them outdoor or on vacation. And those forever cars on the article seems like would pass as a collection, that's why it's hard to let go or change because of its value. Just a thought though.
  8. Absolutely nice write-up. I believe Pulsar is a compact car right? If it's roomy, then I think it's a good choice for a family of four as well as for the welfare of my kids. My wife would love to know this.
  9. I'm here because the admin told me that Qashqai is a good choice for me to start with.
  10. Sure thing. Thanks for the welcome!
  11. Hey, Stan here. Just dropping by to say my greetings to everyone here. I own a Frontier but looking for a good Nissan family car that I could use for my kids. I appreciate any suggestions.
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