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  1. Alright troops. The short version is I don't know how to adjust my handbrake and I need your help. The longer version is: A few months ago I replaced the rear wheel bearings and noticed the rear shoes needed replacing to. So I did. The weird twisty arm thingy at the top of the drum (that connects the shoes) still haunts my nightmares, but I got the damn things installed. Failed an MOT today on an ineffective handbrake. How do I adjust the handbrake back into working, without losing my mind again? Thanks, Sith
  2. Awrite troops... I've been thinking about possible engine swaps for my K12, trying to find out what's possible and what's realistic. At the moment I have a CR12DE putting out a heady 80bhp. It works fine and never gives me any trouble, but it feels like I'm flogging it to death when I drive it briskly. I know the CR16DE is an option but if I was going to the trouble of a swap I may as well make it worthwhile. I also know that the K9K is shared between the Micra and the Clio, so I started wondering if there was enough similarity between platforms for a 172 2.0 Clio engine transpl
  3. Problem solved. Renault use 19mm hex M12 X 1.5 wheel bolts. Job's a good 'un!
  4. Hey Trever, thanks for replying! Yeah, I think you're right...I just found out k11 wheel bolts are 19mm and it seems the k12 bolts are smaller. The threads are different too: K11 = M12 X 1.25 K12 = M12 X 1.5 ...so o can't just whack in some K11 bolts instead. Baws! No photos the noo, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Thanks again :)
  5. Hey hey, I have a k12 Micra and swapped to 15" X 6.5" Clio wheels (they fill out the arches better, there's more tyre sizes available, and they look grand). I want to finish them off with the 7" center hubcaps from K11 Micra steel wheels. From what I can see, they just push onto the wheel bolts (and since the K11 and K12 have the same PCD it shouldn't be a problem), but after trying them on they don't seem to 'click' into place. They're loose and come off reallyreally easy. Should I use K11 wheel bolts? Or is there a special kind of fitment bracket on K11 wheels that holds the h
  6. Awrite troops... New member here. I inherited a Micra from a relative around 8 months ago and have been continually pleasantly surprised by it. Will post for help elsewhere, just wanted to introduce myself first. Orra best, Sith
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