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  1. Morning Dawn Push the clutch all the way down, put the key fob on the start button & then push the fob against the button, there is a sensor in the fob that recognise the car & will even start it if the battery in the fob is dead, I have looked at every possibility on line/ you tub because I have a Quashqui that has had 4 flat batteries in 8 months,!, hope this helps & you don't end up like me, Good luck Tina 😊
  2. Thanks Trevor It's still on charge & still showing red!, will sort tomorrow, thanks for the advice 😊
  3. Hey All I'm new to this site but would be grateful for any advice. I have a Quashqui Tecna dci. In April I had a flat battery, it was replaced. In May same again & another battery replaced by garage, in July same problem, garage had the car for a week checked everything, said there was something draining the battery but didn't know what, replaced the battery even though it was OK!, this weekend it has gone again, push ignition button loads of flashing symbols on dash & clicking noise but won't power up, battery reading just over 10. Have tried putting key fobs on butto
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