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  1. Air Con on Note Acenta Premium models 2013 - 2017. My 14/14 Note, was purchased with FSH as a second owner at very lower mileage in 2017; the air con stopped working in June 2020, had it vacuumn tested, and re-gassed (not at a dealers)or £90 + Vat. By March 2021 it was running warm rather than cold and on inspection (by the same mechanic) it had virtually no refrigerant left in the system. A short lived solution to the original problem.

    I’ve since started looking for another used Note: at the first car dealer I went to the 15/15 Acenta Premium with 48k on the clock, on the forecourt had air con which was clearly not working, both stood on the forecourt and on a short test drive. Today on a visit to another dealership (not Nissan) another Acenta Premium on the site, 15/15, but only 23k mileage, again the air con was not working. 

    I used to own a 2011 N-TEC Diesel - never had a problem with the air con!

    Have others had air con problems with their 2013 - 2017 Acenta Notes, please?

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