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  1. Thanks Trevor Here is the USB port template for the centre console: And some of where I placed the double USB port for the 3rd row seats: xtrail usb port template.pdf
  2. So I decided to give the rear USB port a go. Went quite well I thought. Can't seem to get the images under the 134kb limit yet though. I did manage to scan the cutting template for the centre console USB port, should anyone need that. D'oh, can't upload that either.
  3. I'll assume you are talking about the latest model X Trail, the T32. This was the only option in the official accessories brochure: You'd be better off contacting a tow bar company for their options on it. Like Witter. This is what they have listed for it: https://www.witter-towbars.co.uk/towbar/view/t32-inc-adblue-fixed-towbars-obscures-the-fog-light-limited-clearance-with-chrome-pack-63mm-witter-fixed-flange-towbar-17865/20170731?variantTowbarId=17865&variant=Tmlzc2FuIFgtVHJhaWwgQVRWL1NVViwgVDMyIChpbmMuIEFkQmx1ZSkgKCBmaXhlZCB0b3diYXJzIG9ic2N1cmVzIHRoZSBmb2cgbGlnaHQuKSAoTGltaXRlZCBjbGVhcmFuY2Ugd2l0aCBjaHJvbWUgcGFjayAoNjNtbSkpIDIwMTQgLSA=
  4. I'd expect they would be able to go by registration number, or the VIN. Have a go on this site that I found is handy for looking up parts and numbers, specific to your Nissan: https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/locate?c=Nissan Just enter the VIN Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), that you can see from the windscreen, when standing near the passenger side of the car.
  5. I think its a very handy accessory. I'm considering adding another towards the rear of the car. Cross referencing the part numbers for the 12v power socket in the centre console box, and the one at the rear of the car, they have the same part numbers. Centre console: Boot: So that does technically mean that the cabling that comes with the usb package, should fit the onto the wiring loom in the boot also. I'll rake a chance and order one, and see what space there is to mount this in the 3rd row of seating/boot area. For information, I bought the kit for £21 from a Renault parts dealer on ebay. Other sellers have them on there for up to £68. So worth it, I believe for an OEM part.
  6. Has any fitted the leather/heated front seats themselves? Do you know if the wiring loom for the motorised seats would already be under the carpet? I'm not too fussed about the heated part just yet, as I'd need the switches anyway. But I wouldn't want to fit the front seats and not be able to move them.
  7. Did you manage to find anything out about this? I can see there are some modules on aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001148007160.html They seem to make it look like a simple plug and play adapter to go into the door wiring. But it can't be as simple as that. For a start, the module looks like its plugged into a standard part of the loom. So not sure what happens to the part that should be plugged in there. These sort of things used to be easy enough with after market alarm systems. But not sure if many people tend to put after market alarms on cars these days, as security is supposedly so good (excluding keyless entry relay thefts)
  8. I've just fitted the rear double USB kit to my 2017 X-trail. Got to have it to keep the kids devices charged on long journeys. I thought I'd upload the instructions, for anyone who wanted to take a look before they decided to do it. I couldn't see them for the X-Trail anywhere, saw some for the Qashqai. Some cutting is involved, which didn't bother me, but might be a bit scary for some people. I was going to put USB ports in the back either way, but this kit was much easier as it its plug and play from the 12v socket in the centre console storage bin. The instructions didn't make much sense to me, but I will add that in Figure 10, it isn't clear that there is a torx head screw to undo, so you can pull the rear panel off with the fans on. You only need to remove this and not the whole lid of the storage bin. To access the screws, there is rectangle piece between the hinges of the lid, that you can just unclip. It does come with cutting template to line up where you need to cut. I was hoping to fit the ports closer to the top, so the kids don't break it, or any cables when getting in and out, but space is restricted behind the panel, so it does need to be done at the bottom.
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