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  1. Hi Ian, Not sure which model you have but If its only the speedo that's causing the DVLA problem then you could consider fitting just a new dial plate from the likes of https://www.kmh-mph.co.uk/shop. John
  2. Hi Ian, In my experience Dealerships are limited in what they allowed to do. The cluster is taking data from the ECU and displaying it in the way it’s programmed to do. I would be looking to an Independent software guy to see if he can alter the software parameters. Regards John
  3. Just said goodbye to my faithful but weary 525d BMW after 14 years and purchased a 2016 Qashqai dCi N-Tec. The car is in fantastic condition, new cambelt, full service and mot so I'm looking forward to some carefree motoring, at least in the short term. When the inevitable problems arise I will be looking to the experienced forum members for advice. For the moment its back to the owners manual to get my head round all the clever gizmos.
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