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Qashqai - Premature timing belt wear - ENGINED RUINED

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I'm sad to say that I have also suffered a similar fate to many of those
who have posted on this forum due to a timing belt failure.  Here is my

The SHORT VERSION of event - we have a 10-plate
Qashqai N-Tec 1.5dCi... covered 42000 miles and was 3yrs 9.5 months old
up to the date it died !  It has been serviced as per the requirements
by reputable, all be it, non Nissan dealers.  The timing belt has
failed, Nissan of quoted £6000 for the replacement of the engine and
have refused any form of goodwill on the basis that the car was
purchased outside of the Nissan Delaer Network.

The LONGER VERSION of events: On
Friday 20th June my Nissan Qashqai (1.5dci) died….. it has been since diagnosed
by Nissan that the engine failure was caused by a worn timing belt and
the fact that it has slipped from its position.  Nissan quoted an engine
replacement costing £6000.  The failure occurred fortunately at low speed - about 25 mph.

I raised a claim on Nissan for goodwill and they have declined
this.  The state that the car was brought from an independent dealer
and not Nissan - so I understand according to law Nissan have no
obligation to fix this and that under the SOGA I have to take my issue
up with the dealer that we purchased it from.  Notwithstanding that I am
more than disappointing in Nissan themselves understanding that:

  • The car is less than 4 years old

  • The car has only done 42,000 miles
  • The car has been serviced during
    the 3 years by independent dealers (Evans Halshaw sand the Crawley motor
    group). Evidence of such has been passed to Nissan.
  • Nissan Motorline
    in Crawley have confirmed to me that timing belts are only recommended
    to be changed after 100,000 miles or 6 years (whichever occurs soonest)

  • Nissan Motorline in Crawley also stated that before 100k miles or 6
    years that it is NOT part of the Nissan maintenance plan to check for
    timing belt wear
  • In April of 2013 Nissan recalled a number of
    Qashqais affected by premature timing belt wear due to the poor
    positioning of the fuel pump in relation to the belt.  Despite the fact
    that my vehicle falls into the date range of the recall notice Nissan
    have checked my chassis number against their records and have stated
    that this particular chassis number was NOT part of the recall.

  • If you go various forums you will see a multitude of similar complaints
    regarding premature timing belt failure.
So, on the basis ofthe above I am extremely upset that Nissan have declined to take any
ownership of the problem and they expect that I bare the £6000 repair
bill.  This timing belt is WELL WITHIN its life expectancy and it should
have not expired on a car so young that has been maintained as per the
Nissan requirements.

The car may not be in warranty but with a latent defect such as
this, that has affected vehicles of the same age then surely Nissan can
not wipe their hand of the situation ? 

I put a detailed professional letter to Nissan - confirmed that I was a previous Nissan
customer and confirmed that I knew 16 other Nissan owners (something
they specifically asked me) yet none of this had any deserved effect.

The ONLY reason that Nissan have given me as to why they have declined the good will is my
“Nissan was purchased outside of the Nissan dealer network”.  I do not
believe this to be a full. proper or valid reason to deny the claim.  As
mentioned above Nissan motorline have confirmed that it is NOT part of
Nissans OWN maintenance plan to check the timing belt - the reason
apparently is that the timing belt is very difficult to get at and to
see due to its positioning and the fact that there are many covers that
surround it.  So even IF this car had been purchased by me from one of
their dealers then this ‘latent defect’ would still have existed.

I am now in deep debate with the independent garage from here I purchased
the vehicle under the sales of goods act - despite the fact that this
is the right course of action I do not believe that Nissan should be
able to get away with it themselves.

I have been dealing with Thomas Freeman at Nissan - very friendly
and polite but ultimately he's trained to be that way, i.e delivering
bad news with a smile !

Nissan must have so many ticking time
bombs driving around... in my opinion (and of course I am biased) Nissan
should have widened the re-call notice beyond those it has recalled
before other people as unfortunate as me are hit with a massive bill
they can not afford.

The issue has been reported to Watchdog and also to "dont get done get dom".... I wont rest until I get a deserved outcome.

Any comments / input / feedback of experience would be very welcome.

Thanks guys.



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Nissan Hell. My 2010 1.5dci ( 45k, FSH with franchised non Nissan, purchased  used from Arnold Clark) blew the engine when the belt broke in June 2015. Towed it to my local garage who suggested the car was subject to a recall. I contacted Nissan who asked for it to be taken to my local Nissan dealer. I made it clear from the start that I would pursue a claim in Court if they did not carry out a repair. No resistance. As soon as the dealer confirmed the problem Nissan agreed to replace the engine. I was given a replacement car while mine was being repaired. After much arm twisting and again threats of going to small claims court Nissan also paid for my towing costs. No matter where the car was bought if it has a service history you have a strong legal claim. Threaten them with small claims court. In Scotland this can be as much as £5k if my memory is accurate and cost less than £100 to present a case. Good luck. Frankm.

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