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Nissan & Toyota Smart Key Fob Interference

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My wife recently bought a 2016 Nissan Note, which she loves, but we've had issues with the battery.

About 2 months ago the car won't start.   Called RAC and after testing the battery they said it was faulty.   On the basis of the RAC's findings took the car to local dealership - they couldn't find anything wrong with the battery.

Since then the car has failed to start another four times, each time the RAC was called and each time they said the battery is faulty.   

To cut a long story short, Nissan dealership replaced the battery this week but then yesterday the car wouldn't start.   Called the RAC and they initially couldn't start the car, tried again 5 minutes later and it started.   RAC now thing there are issues with the key 

Car is back at dealership but they cannot identify what is wrong.

My question is: - on our individual key rings we have both a Nissan smart key and a Toyota smart key, could it be that the Toyota smart key is interfering with the Nissan smart key and causing issues with the electrics and the battery?   We don't have any issues with the Toyota






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It would be worth separating the keys as they can corrupt if on the same keyring. Also, if you constantly press the button away from the car, this can also roll the code on and the car has to relearn the code to start up.

Battery life can be diminished by a faulty fob or just cheap batteries, so worth checking but if both fobs don't work then I would imagine it to be a fault with the car instead.

Sometimes on some Nissans, the buttons break off the circuit boards inside the fob and you can get a repair kit for this on eBay.

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