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FOB Coding / Programming for a Nissan Note 2011

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I have recently purchased a Nissan Note N-Tec 1.4 (2011 Reg) and was only given 1 key with this.

I decided to purchase another key online as a spare. I purchased a used original Nissan Note key, the same as the one I already have. I was aware that the new key would have to have a new blade cut and the transponder recoded by an auto locksmith.

However, I was under the impression that the FOB on the key could be reprogrammed/recoded so that the central locking system could be activated via the FOB buttons.

Normally, there is a sequence of steps which initiate a programming mode in a car. I have come across a couple of these sequences for Nissan cars but they haven't worked for my Note (one was a sequence to enter your key in and out of the ignition 6 times but this seemed specific for US cars and didn't work for me, the other was a sequence to turn the ignition to the on position 6 times but this didn't work either - there were more steps in both sequences but, as they didn't work, I didn't think it was worth outlining the full details here). I tried the sequences several times but neither managed to activate any kind of programming mode.

There must be a sequence that works for a UK/European version of the Nissan Note 2011 reg in order to recode your fob. Would anyone happen to know if there is such a sequence available?



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I know what you mean....tried several different ways with X-Trails in the past....usually find that it is one of the methods but if you miss any part of the sequence or it is slightly outside of the timeframe then this is the reason.

May also be an idea to take it to the dealer to programme up to the car...they probably do it all the time and it would only take them a couple of minutes to do so wouldn't cost a lot.


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Thanks for the reply Trevor.

The issue I have is that I've found several links & videos showing me how to re-code the fob for a Nissan note BUT it's for the US version for the car (lock buttons in different position, etc).

So I would have thought there would be an equivalent for the European version of the car too but I'm having no luck finding this.

As a last resort, I'll probably have to pop down to the local dealers and get them to re-code the fob.

But if anyone does have a suggestion or a sequence they think might work then please let me know.



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