Unusual Floor Issue - HELP - I need lots of T31 comparisons

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but need your help. I have a 2013 Xtrail, and have experienced a strange flooring issue with the vehicle. Having been in a long discussion with Nissan over a solution, we have now reached an impasse, and I need a lot of comparable data to me decide what I do next. Here's the issue...

The floor of my car is squidgy! Yep, soft, supple, bouncy you name it. Basically, the underlay is all soft, so that when you place your feet, the floor is all sort of soft and moves. I have NEVER seen anything like it on a car - you expect the floor to be hard and solid, not soft - its almost like putting your foot on a duvet in the footwell! It is VERY pronounced in the passenger side, noticeable on the driver side, and not as bad, but still noticeable in the back.

After a long conversation with Nissan and a comparison to a couple of other T31s, - they have eventually said to me "well Chris, clearly this is normal for the car" so there is nothing more we can do about it. 

"normal" - leads me to 2 conclusions therefore - either the comparison to the 2 other T31s is unlucky as they happen to have the same issue, OR the T31 has a major design fault in that the underlay on the vehicle is defective after a period of time.

So here is my ask to the forum - can you check YOUR floors please and post a response back on what your floor is like and what you think of it

many thanks in advance

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