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  2. Wonderful son managed to fix this to front xmember and attach wires! Air conditioning working nice and cold
  3. Have finally purchased sensor.but it does not come with fitting to connect to wiring. Cannot find a suitable connector ! Help
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experienced their xtrail revs going up and down while driving. Car only seems to behave in 7th gear.
  5. I would take it back to the dealer immediately for a check on the software. Seem to recall reading there is an issue on this system
  6. Hi has anyone had a problem with the E-pedal intermittently not working almost causing me to run into the back of the car in front.. This has happened several times and is terrifying!
  7. T32 2016reg can someone post a picture of the label that is supposed to be on door frame. All I have is a barcode label with vin number. Handbooks with car says to check label on door frame! I have to take a longish journey 3 up. 19 inch wheels plus spare wheel . Dealer said 36 psi all round.
  8. Are they any good for towing
  9. I have a 20-plate 1.3 petrol Connecta with extremely firm suspension. Drives well with no odd noises, recent MOT, but anything above a journey of 10 miles over normal roads gives enough shocks through the seat to cause significant discomfort. Even had complaints that mobile phone texting from rear seats is impossible !!!! Anyone found similar problems?
  10. My rear passenger door will open from the outside when the car is locked. I can lock myself in using the key fob and tried all positions on child lock. New lock fitted by garage who then said it was a wiring fault in the door pillar and it worked for a brief period. now back to square one. During all this time the lock has actuated and disabled the internal handle when locking but not the external. I'm baffled!
  11. I purchased a defeat module off Ali Express, this allows me to have the stop /start either on, as per Nissan design or totally off . which is my preference having twice been stranded turning right on the very busy A46, and narrowly avoided being totalled on both occasions.
  12. Version 7, which I believe is the latest version, SD cards available on E Bay - but make sure you get the correct one for your car
  13. are you holding the unit completely vertical when you are attempting to retract it?
  14. answered in the other post you made
  15. I have a new battery being delivered today. Does it need to be programmed/coded to the my XTrail or can I just swap it. Thank you
  16. Hi, cars failed MOT with rear drivers seatbelt chewed, been to a scrap yard got a replacement and was working took to the garage to fit and had a phone call saying wouldn't retract......today a new parcel came which was from a nissian dealership this won't retract either, am I missing something as I've popped the white clips to take the seatbelt all the way out but when it retracts back in it won't come back out fitted in correct position and not fitted Can anyone shed some light please, much appreciated
  17. Hi, I am trying to reset/calibrate the TPMS system on my 2018 X Trail. It has the Stop/Start button and keyless system. The book tells you how to reset the TPMS but says to turn on the ignition, no mention of starting the engine. Without starting the engine I cannot access the system settings. How do I turn on the ignition (accessory mode I assume) Without starting the engine?
  18. 66 reg 1.6 dci. Extrinsic. Has anyone fitted seat belt extenders to the buckle fitting between front seats? The box fitted between seats is restricting access to the buckles . I have seen various fittings on Amazon but am not sure if they are legal. Cannot find anything on gov.uk/ mot. regards extending seat belt buckle. Help
  19. Having just purchased 2016reg t32 xtrail went looking for updated sat nav ,found this "Sat nav world" online put in your reg and it shows availability of SD card and price
  20. Having just bought my 2018 X Trail I found that the sat nav maps were a 2015 version. I want to update but have discovered that the last map update that Nissan/HERE are going to do for sd card updates is 2021. From 2022 the updates are done via wifi/smart phone. I find this ridiculous as they are leaving pre 2022 owners with out of date maps and no way of updating them. They are still selling the sd cards and are charging £109 for maps which are 3 years out of date! Does anyone know of any way of updating the maps to 2023/2024? It looks like the only thing we can do is buy a stand alone sat nav and get free lifetime updates.
  21. Hi all, first post xtrail t32 xtronic 66 reg 1.5 dci. Can some one accurately place where the sensor is? Default setting -40c. Looking at front of car in front of radiator 2 wires,,red, blue, very thin not attached to anything coming out of loom .could these be attached to sensor
  22. Hi guys, I've just got a 2011 x trail and found it shakes under braking at high speeds! Other than the brake discs any thoughts on what else it could be?.... Any recommendations on a good Nissan garage in Nottingham that won't cost the earth? Thanks Steve.
  23. Hi looking for some advice on replacement of Adcm unit and adblue injectors. Have had issues with this over the past few months on my 2019 diesel xtrail out of warranty by 1 year and done 66000 miles is this a common occurrence with a car this age and a nissan in particular anyone else had this issue and anyway to resolve through Nissan customer services? Have raised the issue with my local Nissan dealership where car was purchased and serviced since but since out of warranty nothing they can do! Which is frustrating apart from quoting me circa £2k to repair Any help would be appreciated
  24. I have a 2015 NISSAN X-TRAIL TEKNA DCI 4X4 and the offside front suspension arm ball joint keeps wearing prematurely, the arm has been replaced 3 times in the past 2 years. I had a Nissan dealer replace both front suspension arms and then at a check around 6 months later they noticed the offside arm was excessively worn so they replaced it under warranty. Around 6 months later I had the car serviced and MOT'd at an independent garage and they noticed the same arm was excessively worn, i just had them replace it with the anti-roll bar linkage as I was sick of Nissan. I have the car booked in for it's annual service/MOT next week and my steering is making excessive creaking noises when turning at low speed which i've seen is a sign of ball joint wear. Has anyone else experienced this problem and know why it keeps failing? I only drive about 5,000 miles a year and the car has done 40,000 total. The independent garage said there should be no reason it fails again after repair but sounds like it's happened again. I would appreciate any help so i can get this permanently fixed. Below are the notes from my MOT last year before replacement. Repair immediately (major defects): Offside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Offside Front Lower Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Offside Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement rear bush (5.3.4 (a) (i))
  25. I have used https://direct4x4.co.uk/ for accessories before and great company otherwise you could look at eBay to see whats on there
  26. Thanks for info on this fault. Saved me from having to go to garage to fix. Went to Nissan dealership for advice but wanted to charge me Labour costs (quoted £135)
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