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  2. Hello, I have a small dent in the rear exterior door moulding of my Nissan X-Trail T32. I want to replace this relatively inexpensive part (822824CA0A) but not sure how to safely remove the existing piece. Thanks in advance for any help or redirection to an existing discussion or video on this topic. Attached pictures for more info.
  3. Hi ..... welcome to the Club You could try one of the larger windscreen companies to recalibrate the ADAS which is on the front screen as sometimes they are out of sync
  4. Hi everyone, owner of a 17 plate X-Trail 1.6 diesel here. We've had the car a couple of months but are having problems with the front radar. The problem is that generally after having driven 10 miles or 20 minutes or so, the dashboard beeps and the Unavailable: front radar obstructed message pops up, along with the accompanying orange warning lights. I've read the manual and it happens regardless of the weather conditions so we cant blame rain or snow etc. The warning tends to clear itself after a few minutes. So far the dealer has been annoyingly clueless. Firstly they cleared t
  5. I've had a Nissan since 2014 with intelligent brake system , I have had the warning tone a number of times but never has it applied the brakes for me . Perhaps I am too careful a driver as I do try not to break the 2 second rule. I would never have the bottle to not brake in the hope that it stops the car for me . I have often been curious and thought about whether I could make up a dummy target to aim for that would not cause any damage if I hit it .But alas I havefar more important things to worry about such as what price is the San Miguel in my local co op and is it cheaper to drive t
  6. If your discs and pads need replaced at that mileage ( is it really only 6,650 miles or 66,500?) and at that age then they most definately should be replaced under warranty for free as they must have been faulty. I only replaced my pads for the first time this year on my qashqai ( just sold ) after approx 62,000 miles the discs were fine . i would kick up a stink with my dealer if i bought a car off them and that happened at just over a year old. best of luck get your grumpy head on and give them Jip.
  7. I have a 2015 X-Trail (T32 1.6DCi Auto) which is often, but not always, coming up with a Stop/Start system fault warning on the dashboard when starting up. So far I have changed the battery for a new start/stop compatible one for this model (so the shop says), and bought a charger to make sure it was fully charged. Still getting the same issue though. Sometimes if I go for a motorway run, next start up it will be ok, and may be ok for a few drives, but then comes back again. I did get my local garage to do me a favour and put their computer on it. That showed lost of Voltage erro
  8. Can't see how the exhaust pressure sensor could render the cruise inactive yet not turn the turbo off (as in limp home mode). If the sensor itself is fault wouldn't it be better to change thte sensor? (any idea where it is locatewd, it's a 2007 2.0 dci not the earlier 2.2) tvm
  9. Hi...welcome to the Forum Seems like this may be the best info on the fault and how to rectify it Let us know how you get on with it
  10. Hya all. Recently bought my second T31 X-Trail, having loved my first one for many miles. I have an issue with this one with the Cruise Control malfunctioning. Sometimes it comes on fine for a minute or two, then stops and the set light just flashes. Mainly though it doesn't work at all, and when turned on the "cruise Control" light comes on solid, and the "set" light just flashes. As they were cheap enough (and an easy job) I changed the pedal switch but no difference. My own littel code reader (a decent one, but certainly not a 'Snap-On', gives me a code of P1525-F3. I
  11. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would imagine it is just surface corrosion which will clean up when used for a period. Sounds like a money making advisory note at best, worth getting a second opinion at another garage to confirm
  12. Hi Marc.....welcome to the forum You could try increasing the pressure by another 5psi to see if this eliminates the message and if not the let the air back out. Sometimes you would need to drive it for a period to see if this makes any difference
  13. Hi i am the proud new owner of a 2016 x trail, I love my new car but the front tyre pressure monitor detects a fault although the tyre/wheel centre Say the wheel and tyre are fine, is this a common problem thanks to all Marc
  14. Hi Dave.....welcome to the Forum Try this, hopefully it will work Nissan Key Fob Programming Instructions Sit in the driver's seat of your Nissan. Close and lock the doors. Insert your key in the ignition. Turn the key to "ACC," turn it off and remove it from the ignition. Repeat this process six times in rapid succession. ... Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the key to "ACC." Push and release any button on the remote.
  15. Hi I have recently purchased a 2016 X Trail I have changed the battery in 1 of the key fobs, it appears the fob required re-programming is this something I can do or should I contact a Nissan dealer.
  16. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I bought new X trail 69plate which had first service today 6650 miles, dealer wants to replace rear discs and pads £410 due to corrossion! is this a normal expectation I should have? First Nissan I have owned. Thanks
  17. Hi....welcome to the forum My son in law has a similar age X-Trail and he loves it, although he has had a few teething problems (handbrake switch, keys, etc) but now all resolved by dealer
  18. Just picked up my 15 plate xtrail and love it to bits. Great car! Anyone has a similar car?
  19. I have recently purchased a manual 2018 Xtrail which is equipped with the IEB system which has been in the news a lot recently due to possible faults which have now been overcome with a software upgrade. Anyway, I'm experiencing an issue which I am not sure is normal expected behaviour. As I approach a car in front of me, on some occasions if I leave applying the brakes a little late, and the Intelligent brake system warns me that I am approaching a car with a visual warning and a sound notification. As I start to apply the brakes, the intelligent system on some occasions then also
  20. Hi Forum Members Recently purchased a 7seater Nissan X-Trail 2.0 Xtron. I realised, to my surprise, that you can’t use the fob to close windows/ sunroof if forgotten when leaving the car. Meaning you have to go back in the car and start the engine to close. Admittedly I shouldn’t be forgetting! However, it does happen and I would have expected such a feature in all modern cars to be standard. I would really appreciate if someone can point me towards a specialist/garage/mechanic in London who could potentially retrofit an auto close function for me. I know it could cost a few bucks, a
  21. Hi Carl....welcome to the Forum Sounds like the throttle pedal sensor is faulty, quite a common fault You can usually dial it in with a multimeter between certain voltages by turning the sensor to suit the required range
  22. I have a intermittent fault on my xtrail...It keeps stalling at low speed and losing power as I'm driving along...Its not everything but enough to be annoying..........any ideas
  23. Thanks for the update. Where exactly did you saw the hole? Do you have a photo of the location you could share with us, always useful to know in the future if anyone else encounters the same issue.
  24. Hi eventually used a hole saw to expose the lock connecting rod. A quick yank of the top rod and door open. Soaked all moving parts in wd40. All seems ok now. Glued the disc of plastic back in.
  25. I'm not sure there is one as yet. I too have a PDF version of the T30 manual and it very useful to search for certain items and procedures. Usually a scan of eBay produces some results although I couldn't find anything when I searched earlier

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