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Introducing myself

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Hi all - my first excursion into any 'club'

I have owned from new a Blubird Executive Saloon since 1988.

The car was placed in garage sometime before 4Star fuel was banned!! and recently had to be "de-camped" from the rental garage.

That has set me on a trip of nostalgia and Restoration/ recommisioning which will probably cost an Arm and a Leg, but for the moment it is sat on a low loader.

Due process will happen over next few weeks to get it in the garage and inspected or evaluated.

I have not used the car because my work drew me away to vans and other cars - but as I now reach the end of my work career - maybe its time to get the car roadworthy.

(it wont be a quick project.!!)

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Hi....welcome to the Club

Wow!  a Bluebird.....haven't seen one in a very long time.
Definitely worth doing up, would check the fuel lines and drain down any old fuel you can retrieve then look for any rodent damage and it should be as good as new.

Would love to see video of the old girl starting up for the first time after her long rest

Good to have you onboard and keep us updated on progress

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