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hi I am a new member just bought a NISSAN QASHQAI very imptressed with the car only thing I do not understand is no spare wheel in boot only large ring of fiberglass with machine to blow up tyres, item to assist having the car towed, but no jack and guy at the car sales who I bought it from is asking if there is a puncture kit in there is it me being old fashioned


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Hi....welcome to the Club

Usually, in the absence of a full size or space-saver spare wheel then there is a 'get you home' puncture repair kit.

This consists of a tin of spray foam which is introduced into the tyre via the valve and then the air compressor is connected to inflate the tyre to pressure.

Once you have managed to drive to a tyre repair centre then the tyre will usually need to be replaced.

Another option is to use 'Slime' in the tyres which prevents punctures and can be driven with it in the tyre permanently.

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