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Just acquired a 1986 Cherry Sprint

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The car has only done 42,000 miles and is pristine. Just getting used to it and sorting out a few issues (I love this car!):-

1. The engine is a bit shaky and stalls every time when idling and

2. I need to replace the tailgate gas struts as it is very heavy to lift. 

A mechanic is coming to have a look at the car after work today to tune it up. A friend of mine has mentioned that the carburetor may need to be dismantled and cleaned out completely, which isn't a quick job, but I'll see what the mechanic recommends.

The less important issue is replacing the gas struts. Now looking around for original parts, or I may resort to drilling out the end rivet fixings and replacing with mini-bolts with standard gas struts.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer on the above.


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Hi Peter....welcome to the Club

What a fine car!  haven't seen one on the road for a very long time.

If your mechanic is 'old school' then he should find his way around the engine bay with ease, they were so much easier to work on back then.

Sounds like a carb strip and rebuild should do it and resolve the running issue.
As for the struts it may be worth trawling ebay to see what is out there even if they are secondhand to try to keep the car original as much as possible.

Let us know how you get on with it over time.

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