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Hi Revs

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Hi All,

I’m new to the forum and to owning a Nissan. I just got my wife a 60plate 1.6 petrol Qashqai and have noticed when the engine is started from cold the revs sit at 1500-2000rpm for a minute or 2 then drop down to normal. I know this isn’t correct for a non turbo car and was wondering if anyone else has had or come across this issue?

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Hi....welcome to the Club

It is normal for the revs to rise to a certain level after start up and drop within a short time once the Lambda sensor goes closed loop.
However, it should only really rise to approx 1200rpm maximum.

You can calibration settings for the throttle housing via a scan tool quite easily and this should return it to normal rpm

Also, worth checking for any vacuum leaks in and around the intake system....split hoses, etc

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