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Corrosion inner wing near engine mount 2006 1.4.


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Hi all my first post....new to Nissans.

Just took over my daughter 2006 note 1.4 petrol.

Got a bit of work to do to it before I start to use it.

Was changing the spark plugs today and I notice some corrosion on the offside inner wing behind the head light unit....looks quite bad.

Is it a common place for this to happen and the main thing that bothers me will it be MOT related.

Looking forward to starting to use the car.....the radio code would not enter when using the method in the hand book....by luck I found out how do it on you tube....the cars handbook is way out.

Ordered an oil and air filter today....so looking forward to getting some fresh oil in the engine.

Nick from Cheshire.

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Hi NIck....welcome to the Club

Maybe worth seeing if the corrosion is only skin deep and can be treated or whether it is a trip to the local welders.

Definitely an MOT failure if a certain distance within an engine mount

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