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Engine fault with very low compression in one of the cylinder

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We have a Nissan pulsar teckna, petrol, 2015 model and has driven just over 40K miles. The car has been looked after and serviced and was driving fine until now. A week ago it got broken down on the motorway, so we had to call RAC for the recovery, after running few diagnostics on the car we have been advised by the technician that compression in cylinder 2 is very low and therefore it needs an engine specialist to look in to this. I have called nissan to check this fault, but  they are so busy that the earliest time slot I have got is on 6th of January, I felt this as very poor customer service as there is something wrong with the engine of our car which needs immidiate attention. While waiting for my Nissan's appointment, I took my car to the local garage(Its in a driving condition but not very far and at very low speed as engine is not in a condition to go futher on speed and it makes a lot of sound) for the second opinion, and their diagnostics matches with the RAC. Does anyone else had this problem with their car or any experience related to this as I am very confused, any idea if nissan would cover this under engine warranty? How much would it cost to get this repair?My car is over 6 years old now. Any leads would be a great help.

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