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What does it mean when your car won't go over 3,000 RPM?


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Hi all,

I have problem with Micra 2012 Dig-s which is check engine + RPM RPM won’t go up 3000, car won't acclarate up 60 mph with shacking

I took it to the first garage, He said that he can not find any code, then he removed the check engine , the car came to nurmal, after one day the check engine came up again causing same problem, RPM won’t go up 3000 with gear in or naturarl . Car can not go up 60mph on motorway. 1st gear 15mph, 2nd gear 25mph, 3rd gear 35mph, 5th gear 60rmp, at that speed car starts shacking.


The video below shows 3rd gear

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