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  2. Has this happened to anyone else? changed flasher unit/ind stalk still blows fuse (sometimes) 1996 micra auto. Last time it happened it blew hazard fuse also. No hair left to pull out!
  3. I own a 2005 K12 1.2 auto on just 25k miles and have an immobiliser issue. Battery has been replaced (old one was shot after being laid up for 8 months) but I was getting a significant current draw. After checking each fuse, I’ve discovered its the immobiliser as after pulling fuse 7 the amp draw dropped from 0.25mA to 0.02mA. Not sure where to go with this now as I’m guessing its not going to be cost effective to sort out. Is there a way around for the immobiliser? At the moment I’ve put a physical battery isolator switch on the positive terminal, which means I have to lock the car, unscrew the switch and then unlock the car with the key when i want to use it to put the isolator back in 🙂 Any ideas?
  4. Halfords always have a good range and decent prices as well
  5. I'm looking for android stereo off ebay has any one purchased one at all
  6. SHould go off when the engine is running
  7. It sounds like you are referring to Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and these will come on with the ignition and headlights also Is the correct bulb fitted in the rear lamps as this can backfeed the lighting system and cause all sorts of issues with the lights?
  8. Should the immobiliser light go off when the car is locked. Mines flashes when locked and unlocked. Any help appreciated.
  9. Hello, I have an 06 K12 March/Micra, and it has had an issue where the small lights above the headlights (can’t find exact name) are always on regardless of the headlamp stock setting when the car is running. The car also will start the electrics (not the engine) if the car is off but the headlights are turned on (again, while the ignition is off with no key). This issue started after a mechanic did a service on it to fix a taillight not turning on, and also had to disconnect my radio. Does anyone have better knowledge of March electrics that could have a possible idea what’s causing this? I live rurally so wanted to have some idea of what’s wrong before bringing into an auto electrician. Thanks for any help
  10. Its a case of undoing the nuts and bolts and reverse to fit, however, ensure you disconnect the battery negative terminal before starting work
  11. Thanks for this pal put mind at ease. You wouldn't happen to know of any write ups on replacing the starter or any other nissans that have the same layout / engine to have a look at?
  12. I would be worried if you didn't hear it in the future 🙂 As long as it still starts and doesn't slow down which could suggest it is starting to bind on the shaft then it should be fine Alternatively, a new starter isn't that much and easy to fit https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=131090&_nkw=2015+k13+micra+starter+motor&selvel=Cars+Year%3A2015%2CCar+Make%3ANissan%2CModel%3AMicra%2CVariant%3APetrol%20Hatch%2CCars+Type%3A1.2%2CBodyStyle%3AFWD%20IV%20K13K%2CMK13K_%2CPlat_Gen%3AMK%20IV%2CEngine%3A1198cc%2056KW%2076HP%20HR12DE&selcontext=productType%3ACAR_AND_TRUCK%2CpartType%3APARTS%2CqueryType%3ABY_VEHICLE&_sop=15&rt=nc&LH_ItemCondition=3
  13. Hello Trevor, Thanks for getting back andsharing some thoughts. Moving forward, you state probably go on forever. You mean that the starter will still work but will have this noise to contend with? In regards to getting it fixed how long or what should I be looking out for , before I go "Ok, time to get this sorted now " . Thanks 😁
  14. That sounds like the starter motor Probably go on forever but have heard this sound many times before and sounds like the pinion gear is dry and slow in returning when the engine starts
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club Here is a selection of relays which you'll need to identify by the pin configuration but used one for my L200 a while ago and worked a treat https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m570.l1313&_nkw=led+flasher+unit&_sacat=131090 Great looking Micra by the way !
  16. Hey all, New to the forum so apologies for any faux Pas. Have a 2015 1.2 K13 Micra. Noticed the car makes this noise on startup regardless of when the car is started. Any ideas of what it maybe? https://youtu.be/-VMd5tpIDe4 Thank you
  17. Hi everyone, new here. I've been searching all over the Internet to no avail for an answer and I hope I may find something here. I've got a set of led side indicators and led tailights on my 160SR with halogen bulbs in the front still. I want to upgrade those front bulbs to LED aswell, when I put the led front bulbs in they all flash like a standard vehicle would should a bulb blow. I know I need a higher resistance relay for the circuit but I can't find said relay. Anyone able to offer me any advice as to where it may be? I'm fairly mechanically minded so I don't mind if I need to pull several things apart to get to it. Cheers all! PFA of my 160SR "Soria"
  18. I ended up calling out mobile mechanic who did a combination of things to quick for me to follow but it worked and now unlocked, the yellow thing is my seatbelt cutter which is on the keyring
  19. Not sure of the age of your Micra but also is that an immobiliser key showing in the photo (yellow item)?
  20. I had that anr was advised at full service it was if you have it the stop start, it uses uses large amounts of power and can drain the battery if not does doing long drives, I now switch it off every time but it has made a difference no more stalling at lights etc
  21. Not sure how but I think I've activated the immobiliser to lock and I don't know how to unlock, I can't move the steering wheel and have a symbol showing a steering wheel with up and down arrows and press clutch which I've tri d several times, Nissan advised to pull steel wheel as hard as possible but nothing unlocks can any one advise what to try before I call out a mobile mechanic ? Thank you
  22. Yes . It's a loss of transmission oil pressure causing flat spots being sorted on 24th !
  23. Has the problem been resolved yet?
  24. Hi Donald, I may be able to assist you with this matter. If you would like to message us privately with your registration I can look into it for you. Regards, UK Parts Advice
  25. hi got a 65 plate micra , getting a strange power loss , intermittent and dont stall, any ideas anyone ?
  26. greggles


    hi did you get this sorted? got a similar problem
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