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  2. Thats an appropriate fix in the circumstances and cheaper than replacing the exhaust system but totally expensive considering the AA use these as a 'get you back on the road' clamp.
  3. Is this the most expensive exhaust clamp in the world £191.00 inc. vat fitting extra? As fitted to my Nissan Micra today by Nissan Guildford.
  4. I need to replace the rear silencer box as the exhaust has sheared off at the front. I have been quoted £750.00 by Nissan Guildford! Has anyone experienced problems with the exhaust?
  5. Maybe look at the engine mountings as if they are under load it could be pulling the engine over slightly too much which could affect the gear selection (only a thought) Otherwise may be worth changing the gearbox oil to see if that makes a difference
  6. Looking for help with a 2007 micra Spirita 1240cc petrol issue is getting the gears to change. When at standstill they work just fine and also when moving slowly , the issue getting the gear to go in gets worse the faster you go ?! Does the same if car is hot or cold , gears just struggle to change , initial thought was clutch but odd it’s worse when you get faster ? thoughts ? thank you
  7. Hi all Ive recently purchased a 2018 Micra Tekna 0.9 I-GT. Ive noticed during acceleration whether its light, medium or heavy acceleration that the RPM just dips between 2-3.5k. Its brief, its slight but its still very noticeable and quite annoying. Nissan have said they cant replicate or find a fault but its definitely there. I experience it every day mostly when the car has just started but it carry's on at times even after its warmed up. I had noticed the accelerator was really slow to respond also to changes which has been made slightly better by Nissan updating the software for the throttle sensor but the RPM drops and dips are still present. Anyone had the same or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Matt
  8. Had this on my new K14 Micra, cant pinpoint where its from though!
  9. I have a 2017 Micra my infotainment head unit has Sat nav & blue tooth but I have been told my car doesn’t have car play can this be retro fitted or is there an external gizmo I can attach to my head unit to have car play or if I changed my head unit to either a later infotainment unit or bought an aftermarket head unit
  10. My radio broke and I got a new one off of eBay. Have been trying to get the code but with no joy. Don't know the reg number of the car it came from. tried on eBay quoting the serial number etc but still cannot get the code anywhere are. It is a 2013 Nissan micra. Is there anywhere I can get the code? Thanks Dave
  11. Thank You. I have used Eurocarparts a few times in the past but they aren't as cheap as they used to be even with their constant discounts. Case in point, I recently needed an Indicator Bulb for my Astra Estate, its not a Normal bulb it's fitted in a holder you buy as part of it. It's a Bosch Bulb and Eurocarparts wanted £32, I found the same Bosch Bulb online for half the price. I do try to use Quality Branded Parts For Servicing and a Good Quality Oil for Oil Changes. Buy cheap and pay twice unfortunately
  12. Hi ...... welcome to the Club I would refer to the handbook (if you have one) to ensure that the specs are correct. If you order service parts through somewhere like Eurocarparts then entering the reg no will give vehicle specs and also the correct parts applications. Try to ensure you get quality branded parts to make sure it remains reliable in the future. Otherwise, a very easy car to service and maintain, cheap for parts as well 🙂
  13. fuel filter blocked? a good place to start
  14. Hi, New to the Forum. My Daughter has just passed her test and bought a 2010 1.2 Micra (the 03 – 10) Model. I’m not up on Nissans as the last one I owned was a Nissan Bluebird in the 90’s. I’m the one that will be Servicing it and looking after it for her. So I’ve got a couple of Questions: So as said it’s a 2010 1.2 Micra (K12 I believe as it’s the 03 – 10 Model). 1. How do you know what Spec/Model it is? 2. Reading on line, the Spark Plugs I need for it are NGK LFR5E-11, is that correct and what is the gap please? 3. What Type Antifreeze do I use in it? 4. What Grade Oil does it use? 5. Any other tips etc that might be useful? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, When I check my wife's 2004 Nissan Micra VIN code, it tells me that the engine is CGA3DE. I need to renew timing chain kit and VVT Sprocket. I do not see much parts for CGA3DE engine, but a lot of for CR12(14)DE engines. My question is they have the timing chain systems and VVT sprockets, so I can buy them? The Part Code for timing chain kit says 13028AX000, and VVT Sprocket 13025AX011.
  16. When I go around a roundabout (turning right) I lose power temporarily, after a few seconds after I straighten up power returns. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.
  17. Doqui


    Hi , I am a recent 2003 Micra owner which I really like driving. It goes and sounds nice but always after 10 to 15 mins of driving it from start it has a weird minute or so where the engine loses power intermittently and gets a little jumpy. It doesn't last long and it seems to sort itself out and then runs fine . The engine light is on and shows O2 sensor codes. I have replaced the downstream sensor but still no change. Anyone got any ideas before I change the other O2 sensor?
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new here and wanted to get some advice as have had great help from previous forums. I'm sure its been asked before but I was unable to find much information here or anywhere and was hoping for some advice before I tried to sort the issues I'm having. I have a 2004 K12 Nissan Micra less than 80,000 miles, lovely little car if a little basic. I've had a few issues, rear wipers and centre light not working, the wires were chewed up but I managed to solder and sleeve them. Window wiper linkage had become loose on the front so replaced with a new linkage. I also recently changed the battery as it sat for alot of the winter and would try to start without success. I know very little about cars but I like to give my own repairs a go. My latest issue however is an issue starting the car. Most of the time you wouldn't know there is an issue at all. Pop the key in, turn it 2 clicks and wait for the immobiliser light to go out and then turn the key to start. I've been teaching my sister to drive however and on a few occasions, seems after its run a little while, the car won't start. This happened once at a junction, she stalled and the car wouldnt start, needless to say it was pretty dangerous. The second was in a car park. We had turned the car off and were talking through what we had done in the lession before driving her home. When we turned the key, nothing. All the lights come on as normal as well as the fan and stereo, the immobiliser light goes out but when you turn the key there is nothing at all, no attempt to turn over or clicking so I'm pretty sure it's not battery or starter motor related. Someone told me that it's normally one of 2 things, either the ignition and starter relays are failing or it could be the board that is housed in the main fuse box. Is this the case? Is there anything I can do to test this? I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and get back to me. I'd like to get the issue sorted if I can. Regards Damian
  19. HI I bought a 2019 Nsport a few months ago. I'm feeling the suspension is very bouncy. The road I drive to work daily is quite uneven but honestly last week i felt like i was going to take off or go off course on some of the undulations. I checked the tire pressures earlier in the week and they were a bit out of wack so put those right. Its better but I still feel its bouncier than I am used to. I drove a van for years and previous car was a for fiesta so this is my first Nissan (Test drive was on a better maintained road and not much opportunity to get to 70). Just want to check what the ride should feel like before looking dumb going to a gargage and someone seeing pound signs.
  20. Hi guys, I am trying to install "Genuine Nissan Micra 2017> Centre Armrest, Fabric Beige - KE8775F0BE" Can anybody help me with instructions on how to? I would need to remove center console assembly to insert the bracket under. I don't want to break anything. Car in question nissan micra (k14) 2021 Thank you
  21. My wife is interested in buying a 2-owner, 2008 Micra 'Acenta' 16 valve, 1.4 petrol manual car that has FSH and a very low mileage of approx. 37,000, so I thought I'd come here to ask if they're any good. The car is for sale locally, so we can view and test-drive it without difficulty. The MOT history is almost flawless, with just a few tyre and wiper blade 'advisories'. What issues can arise with this model? Is it a reasonably safe used buy at that age and mileage? The Parker's and What Car? on-line reviews are generally positive, but it's always best to seek the views of people with long-term 'real world' ownership, I think. My mum had a 2005 model that was bought new, and I remember being very impressed by the build quality and ease of driving, but apart from the clutch going at a mere 3,000 miles, it needed three batteries in two years. At the time, I'd put this down to lack of use, but I've been reading some very worrying articles lately about the immobiliser draining the battery and other issues that can only be fixed with software upgrades and / or many hours of expensive troubleshooting. I've also read that the rear hatch can let rainwater in - a rainwater leak that's so far proving impossible to trace has caused several problems on my wife's Fiat Punto, which would be fine otherwise, so if this is a common issue, we'll probably look for something else - but we'd rather not as the Micra ticks a lot of boxes. Also, does anyone here have a link to an easy-to-read service schedule for this car? - I'm not having much luck there - only finding huge workshop manuals!
  22. Micra dash/passenger air bag rattle anywhere from 20-70 on rough ground 21 plate 2k miles anything common?
  23. I have the above head unit and sadly it's toast. Trying to find a replacement in the UK that isn't the £2400 my local dealer is wanting to replace with no success. Tried all the usual breaker links etc with no joy. My question is can I fit a different model and have that recoded as I have seen some with 0A as the final two digits. Thanks
  24. Hello, ive just bought my micra c+c sport 2006. From my knowledge, you can connect your phone via bluetooth, but the owners handbook isnt very helpful in telling me so. I have found an option for “phone vol.” but cant actually figure out how to connect my phone. Do i need a transmitter ? thank you for any advice!
  25. I just bought a 2017 March here in Mexico (same as a micra I think) used. I am unable to defeat the auto locking when you get up to 20 KMH. it is the type with a hand window crank so has the locking knob as part of the door handle. I have tried what I think is the procedure, turning it on and pressing the lock on within 20 seconds, but the hazards do nothing. also tried using the lock button on the key. Any suggestions?
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