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Qashqui Mild Hybrid 158


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My husband took delivery of his brand new petrol auto mild hybrid car 10 days ago.  I know it’s early days but he is just about to fill his car up and noticed it’s only done 30 MPG on the first lot of petrol put in.  It done 271 miles with the 40 litres he put in (8.8 gallons).  He changed his car to a mild hybrid as reports were stating you should get at least 43/44 MPG, so the mileage he is getting is almost 30% less, which is massive 😮

Would just like to know from anyone who has this car what king of mileage you have been getting. 


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How has this improved (if at all) since you posted?

It also depends on the type of journey as a hybrid relies on regenerative braking to put a charge in the batteries
This can only be achieved in town traffic or elsewhere there is stop start driving. 
It is unlikely to be achieved on motorway or extra urban driving

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