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Need help with this problem

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This code has came up on my nissan quashqai 1.5 dci ( 11 plate ) 

all 4 injector faults cylinder 1,2,3,4

Was wondering if anyone knows if it is indeed the injectors or maybe a sensor of some kind because the injectors are pretty expensive


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Does the engine run or misfire?

I would measure the resistance of the injectors and they should all be approximately 16ohms 

After that I would advise to check all power leads (12volt) and all earth leads from the battery all the way to the injectors

Have come across fouled wiring (running across engine or gearbox and chaffed through) and connections that have caused this code before and not an issue with the injectors

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Hi thanks for replying. The engine runs and am not really sure about misfiring or rough running. To a trained ear you would tell in seconds but i dont know much about them and couldnt tell. I will need to check the wiring etc get a ohms metre

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