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Another K12 Immobiliser Issue


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I own a 2005 K12 1.2 auto on just 25k miles and have an immobiliser issue.

Battery has been replaced (old one was shot after being laid up for 8 months) but I was getting a significant current draw. After checking each fuse, I’ve discovered its the immobiliser as after pulling fuse 7 the amp draw dropped from 0.25mA to 0.02mA. Not sure where to go with this now as I’m guessing its not going to be cost effective to sort out.

Is there a way around for the immobiliser? At the moment I’ve put a physical battery isolator switch on the positive terminal, which means I have to lock the car, unscrew the switch and then unlock the car with the key when i want to use it to put the isolator back in 🙂

Any ideas?

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