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a few questions..


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Hi all,


I've not long had my juke (2019 Bose edition), but my partner doesn't like the comfort level in the passenger seat (used to have an 08 nissan Micra), so I've decided to sell.

I had someone look at it, and,l - although they saw the VIN on the windscreen and the side of the door - they could not see the VIN located in the engine bay, accessible by removing a small panel underneath the wipers.

We both had a good look, even with torches, and, just could not see it at all. There's literally just metal, but no number, and, as a result I lost out on the sale. I have done checks and, haven't found any adverse history, and, there are no marks on the engine bay section behind the flap.

I know from watching YouTube videos that the number is etched, and, looks faint, but it honestly looks like it was never there.

I rang nissan who just referred me to the owners manual.

So my first question is:-

Do you have any ideas as to how I can find this VIN?

The second issue I have is that the SD card is missing for the satnav, and, the closest I've got is Nissan saying

"Your vehicle is not compatible with Nissan connect services and the SD card should be the one on the Navigation website for 2017. This Juke was made in mid-2018 but would not use TomTom so must be SD card".

I'm trying to find a compatible SD card, as there seem to be tons on eBay, and, nissan simply quoted me £500 to order one.

I'm also having an issue turning the unit off... It's currently on radio, however if I hold the power button down, the unit goes black, displays the nissan logo, then defaults to satnav.

I'm unable to turn off the unit completely, is there something that I'm missing?

Many thanks


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