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  2. I get squealing from lots of different auxiliary belts I have fitted...all reputable makes until you see where it is made (PRC) and I put it down to lack of rubber and loaded with silicon based products. As a result, I constantly have to tighten the belts (2 different vehicles) as they also tend to stretch in use. Until I find a much better replacement belt then I guess its a case of nipping them up every so often
  3. Press and hold the YouTube link please
  4. Hi. Had a juke 2014 1.6 petrol for 3 years now, every winter I get a bad squealing from the belt, I've had the belt and tensioner changed but still no joy. Have a look at the attached video, any feedback would be appreciated. Local garage is unsure but say maybe waterpump. https://youtu.be/R-RkGluESRk
  5. Hi anyone had problems on 2013 earlier or later with the centre console which rises and falls armrest snapping off or going very wobbly
  6. You should be okay with main dealer servicing and fixed prices are attractive enough compared to local garage rates.
  7. Hey, looking for a trusted garage to take my juke, ideally something independent that are really good with Nissan. I’m in Andover and would travel 30 miles for the right place, if anyone has a great recommendation then please let me know. Cheers
  8. Haven't seen anything to suggest this action. Worth changing the oil more frequently and keeping an eye on any new noises but our 2013 Juke 1.6 petrol is not displaying any signs of premature timing chain failure (as yet...touch wood!)
  9. Does anybody here know of any recalls for the juke 1.6 accenta premium i keep seeing timing chain issues with the 2013 models
  10. Welcome, introduce yourself, join in with the discussions and ask away with any questions you may have.
  11. Usually, they are held in place by a spring clip which is part of the jet itself. Try gently moving the jet either backwards or forwards against any spring pressure to release the jet
  12. Chaps, any guidance how you change a windscreen washer jet. Juke Connecta 2017, I am sure the item is common. Anyone know if they prise out? Cheers TIA Mark
  13. Before you fit it, make sure you clean all contact areas as it’s often overlooked and causes scratches.
  14. They usually have rubber padding which compresses and grips....it shouldn't scratch the paintwork in normal operation....just ensure it is tight enough so it doesn't move around
  15. Hi all. I have just got a Nissan Juke and wanted to use my roof rack on it. Halford say all I need is a different fitting kit, which I have ordered. I am a little concerned that the fitting kit which tightens underneath the rim of the door is going to scratch the paintwork. Has anyone fitted a roof rack to their Juke? How did it go and do the fitting protect the paintwork or scratch it?
  16. Maybe check the bulb is the correct one...compare it with the other side. Sometimes, the wrong bulb can end up back-feeding the electrical system and causing similar faults. If not, I would recommend taking it to an auto-electrician or a Nissan specialist as this would require diagnostic equipment to read the CanBus signals at the rear light to see what is occurring. Let us know what you find.
  17. Had juke into dealers with tail light problem and no indicators or headlights luminati get on left dial rev counter stopping at one thousand revs.Cost me 54.00 for diagnostic they fixed rear side light said it was fuse.Then the big one all light etc working outside car just not coming up on instruments to be told I need a new combination meter (clocks) at cost of £600.48 which I think is obscene think I'll have to look for second hand set and fit myself .Best bit was said would only take ten minutes to fit but price terrible and 54.00 to fit Anyone else had this problem
  18. Yesterday my passenger side tail light went off wouldn't come back on even with new bulb Today when I got in car Rev counter and speedo not shooting round like normal and when you turn off rev counter only drops to 1000 and when you operate indicators nothing showing on instrument cluster but outside they are working fine in fact all light working accept passenger rear tail light anyone any idea what's going on checked fuses inside and small black box in engine bay and all seem OK
  19. Hi I'm hopping someone can help changed capless stop and tail bulb got whiff of smoke out of holder when first turned on now no side light checked bulb by trying in other side all ok .Its a capless stop and tail and stop light bit and all others working fine so think it's bulb holder.I need new back passenger light harness or used on as long as has the plug still on end as have been told it just plugs into harness behind side panel in boot.Hope someone can point me in right direction as need to get back on as soon as possible
  20. It's okay if nothing goes wrong but by the time the vehicle warns you, it's probably too late anyway
  21. Trevor Thanks. Ought not to be doing anything at the moment, but gauges and indicators just let you know what is going on under the bonnet. My neighbours Audi, does not have an oil dipstick, bad move trusting it to some sort of level device. Cheers for now.
  22. Hi...welcome to the Forum Not entirely sure but a lot of other manufacturers remove the dipstick and either have a service dipstick which they dip the box and then put it back in their toolbox or otherwise its sealed and drained and refilled to the correct quantity. Shouldn't be an issue unless the transmission is losing fluid and you would notice that collecting on the undertray Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  23. Hello, Older driver, newbie here. I know what a distributor and coil are. Anyway bought nice shiny 4 month old Juke 1.6 Connecta Auto (although it is the wife's really). Lifted the bonnet in front of the salesman, (who seemed amazed)and asked where the auto gear box oil dipstick was. Unless it is down the back somewhere, they appear not to fit one. Would I be correct?
  24. Not sure if you can use a bent screwdriver tip and some pliers to extract it as it should be on a detent which stops it from pulling out ordinarily. Just needs a little bit more force I'd say. You could delete out the previous photos and use compression software for all new ones, that should solve the issue
  25. Hi Trevor, thanks again for taking the time to reply. I'm a little skittish about using something like Araldite or "superglue" because they set rigid and have no flexibility, which I think could be a problem. My biggest issue right now is that I need to remove the remaining plastic from the metal spine on the power/volume knob. I had thought I could just use a dentists tool to hook in behind the plastic and pull it off that way, but it seems to need an abnormal amount of force to pull it off and I am starting to think that when it was repair by the previous owner glue made it's way onto the sp
  26. Maybe worth roughing up the edges slightly with sandpaper to key it up and then try something like Araldite

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