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  2. Hello everyone, My juke is just about 30,000 mile, touch scream/radio keep turning off and on. Having soo much noise from engine. Have use care for about 1 year. Can anyone advise what could possibly be wrong with by care. Love my care so much. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I've not long had my juke (2019 Bose edition), but my partner doesn't like the comfort level in the passenger seat (used to have an 08 nissan Micra), so I've decided to sell. I had someone look at it, and,l - although they saw the VIN on the windscreen and the side of the door - they could not see the VIN located in the engine bay, accessible by removing a small panel underneath the wipers. We both had a good look, even with torches, and, just could not see it at all. There's literally just metal, but no number, and, as a result I lost out on the sale. I have done checks and, haven't found any adverse history, and, there are no marks on the engine bay section behind the flap. I know from watching YouTube videos that the number is etched, and, looks faint, but it honestly looks like it was never there. I rang nissan who just referred me to the owners manual. So my first question is:- Do you have any ideas as to how I can find this VIN? The second issue I have is that the SD card is missing for the satnav, and, the closest I've got is Nissan saying "Your vehicle is not compatible with Nissan connect services and the SD card should be the one on the Navigation website for 2017. This Juke was made in mid-2018 but would not use TomTom so must be SD card". I'm trying to find a compatible SD card, as there seem to be tons on eBay, and, nissan simply quoted me £500 to order one. I'm also having an issue turning the unit off... It's currently on radio, however if I hold the power button down, the unit goes black, displays the nissan logo, then defaults to satnav. I'm unable to turn off the unit completely, is there something that I'm missing? Many thanks
  4. Like to buy Juke but the seats are mouldy. Salesman says it’s because it’s been standing outside in damp for a month and once it’s driven and dries out it’ll be fine. Removed mould with antibac. They clean cars then put them out damp, but although told it’s common couldn’t see any more mouldy seats. Also, the hand brake had stuck on, apparently shouldn’t have been left on. What to do? (Like the car).
  5. Hello everybody. I have got a 64 plate Nissan juke. I have had it for 6 years. 2 years ago when stuck in traffic for some time, I then found that I could not select any gears and the clutch pedal was almost to the floor. It was left overnight and in the morning started it up and it went straight into gear and the clutch pedal had returned to its normal position. I had a diagnostic done by my local garage and they said they could not find anything wrong. It has been fine up until yesterday when the same thing happened again after being in heavy traffic and selecting gears a lot. I left it for 2 hours, started it up and it went straight into gear and the clutch pedal had returned to its normal position. I wondered if anyone had experienced this and maybe know the reason why it happens. Thank you.
  6. Trevor


    It will be quite a bit of money to replace the fluid (with the correct original spec fluid) and original equipment (or equivalent spec) filter Rough guess £150 to £200 all in
  7. Hi guys roughly how much would I be looking at paying for gearbox oil filter change on my automatic juke? I live in Dundee Scotland for reference.
  8. I'm sure Eurocarparts or GSF or some other local motor factors could source an aftermarket pump or associated components Not sure of costs though but surely would be cheaper than the dealership
  9. Hi all, my first post. My juke 1.6 has a faulty fuel pressure regulator. Have been on the hunt for a replacement pump but prices are absolutely crazy for genuine and I'm struggling to find a none genuine that matches the part number. My part number is 1663000q0b. Are any of these pumps cross operable between models. I'm guessing looking at them they will physically fit but I'm presuming there is a difference in pressure etc? Thanks Tim
  10. Split turbo boost pipe (usually a wooshing or whistling sound associated with this) or variable vanes sticking with carbon and need cleaning
  11. Please help, I’m having this red engine management light error, with prior to this coming on a delay in acceleration. Like a boost after 2-3 seconds on accelerating. Can someone help?
  12. Sounds familiar but not all the engines suffer from it so not sure why this particular one The 1.6 petrol is a very strong engine and pretty much trouble free
  13. I'm on my 2nd replacement cam chain for my Nissan Juke. According to a couple of garages I have spoken to, this is a common issue known to Nissan. Does anyone know anything about this or have had similar experiences ? I love the car but now need to replace it. Definitely won't be buying another if Nissan are not addressing the issue though. Thanks in advance for any input
  14. Its worth pursuing as a private claim if there is no group which is already challenging the issue with Nissan Do a Google search to see if anyone else is pursuing it and maybe it may sway the dealership decision with some financial assistance to resolve it Alternatively you could try to find an independent transmission specialist who may know the issue and the modification to repair the gearbox
  15. Hi guys, New to the forum so please be nice.... So the other day I noticed my Juke 1.6 Auto stalling in between 1st and 2nd gear. After a bit of research, I found that this is a common defect in models from 2012-2017. Mine is a 66 plate and only done 60k miles. I seen in America there was a class action against Nissan in which they extended the warranty on the CVT in these cars to 80ish thousand miles. However, that doesn't help us here in the UK. I know getting a new transmission fitted here will be in the thousands of pounds. This I just cannot afford. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to go about getting this sorted without it bankrupting me? Has anyone managed to get a decent deal from Nissan to get this fixed due to it being a well known defect? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  16. Not entirely sure which ones they should be but if going to get new ones from Halfords their tablet in the bulb aisle will state which ones they should be
  17. Hope someone can help, I've a 16 plate juke and according to the book the front fog light lamps should be H8 35W. I brought new ones and these wouldn't fit. When looking at the ones that came out theses were H11 55W lamps so I'm not sure what is going on .
  18. Threaten an ombudsman to the RAC directly and see what they come up with They may have an independent assessor go to the garage which they should do if the garage is an approved repairer
  19. Thanks for the reply. RAC have tried to distance themselves completely from it saying basically it is my responsibility. Their latest is I need to get in touch with the garage and allow 8 weeks for them to reply. I have pointed out to them that the car was not recovered to garage of my choice but their so called "Approved" garage. Still waiting for a reply. Called the garage again this morning, they said they would call back this afternoon. No surprise that they haven't. They have now had it for six weeks.
  20. I think you can switch off this setting as it can be annoying especially if the disc is not updated
  21. I think I would get onto the RAC and insist they oversee this situation. I cannot see how an ECU has anything to do with a lack of compression and should be a straightforward job Keep us updated on how it goes
  22. Probably been asked a million times but how do I stop the speed camera / traffic light warning from flashing up on display unit ? I have looked in owners manual but nothing jumps out as a help TIA
  23. Car suddenly started loosing power on the motorway on 25th June (1.2 petrol on 17 plate). Initially it cut out completely, but when the recovery service got to me, it started back up again. RAC said it was not firing on one of the cylinders. I asked for it to be recovered to my local garage, but they said because it was "driveable", they said they would only take it to their nearest "Approved" garage. They suggested I drive it and they followed me to their "Approved" garage where it was left and they arranged a taxi for me back home. After a week, was told by the garage the timing chain had stretched, resulting in the valves being damaged on one of the cylinders and therefore no compression. Was told the valves had to be ordered as a complete set total cost with fitting and new chain was £2k, not great news but said OK do it. Next week was then told they had been sent the wrong size bolts for the head and waited another week for the right ones to turn up. I was then told that the ECU had been burnt out as a result of the alternator spiking. They replaced the ECU and was then told that the new (refurb) one was faulty so they ordered another one, another week delay. Then the replacement turned up and was told that as soon as they tried to start it, that too had tripped out, so they ordered another. Last week they put another (3rd) one in, and was told that one one had gone as well. As of yesterday, 31st July, still not heard anything. They have now had it for five weeks. Been on to the RAC this morning who are going to look into it as I pointed out it is their "Approved" garage, not where I had asked it to be recovered to. Waiting to hear back from them. One thing I have thought with regards to the ECU, could this have been damaged by the garage? My thinking is that if the car had been delivered to them on a tow truck, then possibly it could have been damaged before. However given the fact that the car was driven into them or be it with no compression on the one cylinder, the ECU presumably was OK or it would not have started in the 1st place. On face value. it would appear that the ECU issue has only happened since they took it apart not before. It also seems a bit odd that including the original, 4 of them have been burnt out when they tried to start it back up. I'm not by any means a mechanic, so any advice would be useful.
  24. Worth pulling the door card off to see what is going on inside Quite an easy job and if you need to take it to a garage then it shouldn't cost much to find the fault and repair it
  25. Thanks Trevor. It's the front passenger door. I've been on to the 'Vehicle Settings' for 'Locking' and had a play with the settings there and it's no change. I've also used the switched on the drivers side door and the intelligent key to try to unlock it and it still isn't opening. We have to unwind the window and use the outer door handle to open it.
  26. It could be the Central Locking is locked and only when the ignition is off will it open? Alternatively there is a child lock on if its a rear door
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