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Which Oil ???

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Hi Guys wondering if anyone could help? ( sorry if its a stupid question )

I have a 2005 350z VQ35DE and I want to do a oil change but I'm confused on which oil to get? I would like to go with Castrol Edge 5w-30 because I've used it on all of my other vehicles and I've heard its really good for the 350z but they have so many different versions such as 5w-30 LL, M, C3, A5/B5 etc but I have no idea what these mean I can’t find answers. I've seen on the back label of some of them saying it can be used on Nissans but they don't have the right API or ACEA grades on them and vice versa, some have the right grades but on the label on the back Nissan isn't listed.

I’ve been suggested lots of different ones on different sites so I’m Just wondering what everyone else is running and if it really matters that much? 

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