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  1. Thanks, Trevor. It seems to be that it just doesn't like iPhones anymore - even those that have not been updated! The oddest part about this is that if I have the sound settings page open AND the phone is on silent, then I get a ringtone through the car (the phone also rings, despite it being set to silent!).
  2. Hi, For years I've had no problems with this on other models and it's been working fine on my 2017 model, but suddenly, my iPhone 6 when connected to Bluetooth in my 17-reg Nissan X-Trail doesn't play a ring tone through bluetooth on incoming calls. All functions of the call work fine. I can hear callers, they can hear me. I can dial out no problem. Call comes in - volume of radio cuts out (as it should) but no ring tone is played. I've tested this now on 2 iPhone 6 models. Both used to work fine before upgrade to iOS11. I have also tested on an iPhone 5 (latest iOS10 - not able to update to iOS11). Same result. I have tested this with a Huawei Android phone. Works fine! I have tested this with numerous (built-in) iPhone ring tones. Same issue. What's strange is that if I leave the Settings->Sounds->Tones page open: A ringtone is played through the car bluetooth. The ringtone is played on the phnone, even though it's set to silent (silence switch is down). I've arranged a warranty repair with Nissan, but I'm thinking now that it's the phone, not the car. Anyone else had similar?