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  1. I had a new condenser fitted a couple of years ago to a qashqai. I think it cost over £700 + .It was a hard pill to swallow but it was a baking hot and I had to go on holiday with the car. Having looked into it a bit later it looks like a job I could have tackled myself given the time . there is a video on youtube of it being done. I think the actual fitting could be done yourself and then you could have the system re gassed by a garage .I don't think it answers your heating problem tho
  2. I've had a Nissan since 2014 with intelligent brake system , I have had the warning tone a number of times but never has it applied the brakes for me . Perhaps I am too careful a driver as I do try not to break the 2 second rule. I would never have the bottle to not brake in the hope that it stops the car for me . I have often been curious and thought about whether I could make up a dummy target to aim for that would not cause any damage if I hit it .But alas I havefar more important things to worry about such as what price is the San Miguel in my local co op and is it cheaper to drive the 5 miles to aldi and back . It works out that the 10 mile round trip is far more cost effective.
  3. If your discs and pads need replaced at that mileage ( is it really only 6,650 miles or 66,500?) and at that age then they most definately should be replaced under warranty for free as they must have been faulty. I only replaced my pads for the first time this year on my qashqai ( just sold ) after approx 62,000 miles the discs were fine . i would kick up a stink with my dealer if i bought a car off them and that happened at just over a year old. best of luck get your grumpy head on and give them Jip.
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