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Misting windows?


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I've recently bought a 2010 Nissan note diesel which is great apart from every so often the windscreen suddenly mists / steams over and really quickly. The other day it suddenly did it within about 10 seconds even though i'd been driving for about 30minutes.

I've tried to figure out if there is any connection i.e. either always when A/C is on or off, always when window vents are on / off etc, always when outside temp is or isn't the same but I just cant figure it out.

Anyone else have this problem? 


Any help greatly appreciated,



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Hi Jayne...welcome to the Forum!

I can only imagine it to be a build up of air due to blocked pollen filter or similar?

Worth checking first as cheap to replace if blocked.

Let us know how you get on with it

Regards   Trevor

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