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k11 micra help

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hi everyone

I am Dave Aka Nightshaddow

To start I am not new to forums, cars or modifying. I am however new to Nissan, and in all honesty I been a "fan" of another brand of cars for many years.

I have been working on cars bikes and boats for in excess of 20 years but now have a specific problem down to both car and driver and need some help from someone in the know with these cars,

The car in question belongs to my other half, It is a 2000 k11 Micra s and a very basic model (still got factory fitted tape deck and manual windows). my partner is rather small and has trouble reaching the pedals due to the seats lack of mobility, what i need ideally is to fit a seat with an up and down and possibly even tilt forward and back function, the question is do Nissan make any seats of this type and are any possibly compatible with the micra

thanks in advance

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Hi Dave....welcome to the Forum

Funnily enough I have just been discussing replacement seats in a Micra with another member

Although I would imagine that the seats from many other cars in the Nissan range may fit (after initial measurement of the runners, etc) there may be an issue of side airbags and pretensioners not being the same resistances and possibly flagging an error.

I think it may be a case of going to the scrapyards and trying a few to see if anything fits and doesn't flag an error.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers  Trevor

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