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I have a - 

Nissan Caravan / homy / e24, 4x4.

Wondering if I could ask a few things?  

Owners manual? Copies, scans or originals? Available?

Upping the power and torque? Is this easy to achieve? 2.7td intercooler.

Parts for service? Best most economical place?

Oil. Without the service or owner's manual. Can you help or advise?

Odometer not working. Speedometer intermittent. Any ideas?

The vehicle is great. Goes well on the motorway, even with quite chunky tyres. Slows on hills, could do with a little more oomph. However high speed is available on the flat.

Need to fit a stero and replace the speakers as they are past it.

For a 1993 its condition is fantastic.

Great and easy to drive. Need to get the tracking done.

A full service is on the menu. Would like to get correct bits - would a main dealer charge the earth?


The homy / urvan is is well recommend by me 😁

Thanks for reading




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Hey there, I also have a Homy, mine is a 1990 and fully setup as a campervan. It has it's own webpage at 


Would love to get my hands on an owners manual, would even be happy with a Japanese version. 

Also, I'm trying to find out what the van can legally tow. Anyone got any insights on that?


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I happen to have the same vehicle, though perhaps a little different, as mine has an extended roof.

If you succeeded in obtaining the applicable service manuals (including supplement for diesel), I'd be most interested in getting a copy.



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Simon your van is ace. Would love to get mine very similar.

No joy from me with the service / owners manual. I and many others would love to have one - even a copy?


Here's  a pic of mine. Scratch that it won't let me upload due my photo size being normal and the upload limit being very small.


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Not sure where you're located, but there's a couple of posts on a site in Australia (open only to people in Australia), which offers maintenance manuals for these vehicles. Since I'm in the US, I can't access the site. If you are located in Australia, let me know and I'll send you the links.

I've attached a picture of my Caravan.

Nissan Caravan.jpg

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Hello, Just got a caravan, 1991, and looking for workshop books etc.. Mine is a 2ltr petrol, love it, but going forward I could do with some details for servicing etc... Many thanks,


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