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Hi - location for oxygen sensor (Note, Bank 1 Sensor 2)


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I'm new here. Hello everyone :) 

I recently got a P0141 code on my 2010 E11 Series Nissan Note and after a couple of diagnostic checks, it turned out that this error meant that I needed to change my Oxygen(02) sensor (I think i've heard it called a Lambda sensor as well, not sure if the two are the same). The process of replacing the sensor seems simple enough on other cars but I cannot for the life of me find out where this sensor is on the Nissan Note. Anyone know where it is. And is this a common problem for a lot of guys with Nissan Notes out there?
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Hi...welcome to the Forum

Bank 1 (only one bank of cylinders on a Note), sensor 2 - should be the rear one (after the Catalytic Converter) that measures the efficiency of the Cat...should be the same as the front sensor but maybe with a slightly longer loom.

Let us know what you find

Cheers,   Trevor

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