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Note warning alarm beeping for minutes at a time.

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I bought my old mum a 2007 Note which she finds easy to get in and out of and enjoys driving. Suddenly, she is getting a constant warning alarm going off ( the sort I’d expect if maybe you'd left lights on, or passenger hadn’t belted up) which is flattening the battery and is highly annoying.

I engaged the seats belts, and opened and closed all doors but this made no difference. Turning the engine off and then on again didn’t clear it. It did eventually go off but only after I’d driven with it ringing for several miles (very annoying).

I did notice a few drops of water dripping down from the sun visor fixing, so it appeared that some water had got into the roof. 

I’d be very grateful for any advice on where the alarm noise is generated from or any tips on what might be causing it or how water is getting into the roof (not sure if these are separate problems or linked).








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If it is associated with driving (e.g. it doesn't come on until you are moving) then it is more than likely a seat occupancy sensor and this can be caused by placing a shopping bag or similar on the passenger seat.
If not, then you may have to start looking at water ingress being a possible cause

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