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Trying to get alternator belt off!Managed to undo pulley and loosen it.I've still got no slack on belt do I need to take pulley right of or get a bar to push pulley up.l don't have any adjustment on the alternator either. 

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Hi.....welcome to the Club

It sounds like the alternator is seized on the mounting bolt.

If you loosen the main bolt that runs through the lower side of the alternator and allows the unit to move on it sideways.
Once loose then the belt will free up.
Other way is to pull the belt up and this should start to move the alternator on the bracket.

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Thanks for the welcome and answer to my problem. Just had another go at pulley and found a adjustment bolt for alternator pulley hidden on engine block and not easy to get a socket or spanner on to adjust.l will try your suggestion tomorrow. The car is a k11 micra 02.

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