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Need to reinstall the DPF after removed due to car remapped


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Hi Everybody,
I have remapped my NP300 2019 and DPF was removed based on the tuning company request as they said the power will be increased after removing the DPF , 

Currently I need to back to the stock/original software as I’m not satisfied with the power after the remapping as I have a plan to get DTE systems chip as it’s better ,

The Question is I need to reinstall the DPF again to come back to the car original setup , but some guys told me if I will reinstall the DPF may the car software will getting blocked and the car software will stuck then car will not start up again then I have to send it to Nissan dealer and this may will cost me more than 3000€ ,

So is this correct or just inaccurate expectation from him ?
Did someone do the same thing before ?

Thanks a lot

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Hi....welcome to the Club

That does seem extreme to remove the DPF and as long as you have the parts to refit then the ECU should be able to read it once more.
I would contact the tuning company to discuss reflashing the ECU with the original ECU map

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