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Error Code C1113 Gravity Sensor ABS Question

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Hi All, new to the forum and hoping someone might know the answer to this. I have a 2009 Frontier SE with the ABS light on and it's also not shifting into four wheel drive. My mechanic got error code C1113 - Gravity Sensor  and I've been advised by a Nissan Mechanic on justanswer.com that replacing the gravity sensor would fix both issues and that the gravity sensor should be under the center console. However my mechanic took the console apart and said the gravity sensor isn't there. My mechanic also stopped by the dealer and the dealer said the gravity sensor should be under the hood but he's not finding it there either. I bought a gravity sensor off eBay and there's also a question of what the right part number is, with two different Nissan dealers coming up with different part numbers. BTW the front ABS sensors have been replaced and he checked the tone wheel on the right front. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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