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Snapped chassis on 2019 navara


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Hi all. I bought my Nissan Navara brand new in July 2019 I’ve done 87k miles and it’s been serviced by the dealership at the required intervals and as you can see from the pictures attached while towing a 2T trailer home from my work last Tuesday night the chassis snapped 


I was lucky I was travelling along a quiet back road travelling slowly otherwise this could have been very nasty! I spoke to my dealership first thing Wednesday morning and they were shocked and helpful. Unfortunately once they informed Nissan UK of warranty claim Nissan have refused to cover it under warranty and are expecting me to deal with this on my own. 

Has a chassis snapped on a D23 before?  On speaking to a specialist and showing them these and some more detailed pictures they think that the chassis has rusted from the inside out. Currently Nissan uk have not inspected the damage and I fee they are trying to brush this under the carpet


Has anyone seen this problem before on a D23. If you have one please be careful and check your chassis before something nasty happens to you!




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How did you get on with dealing with Nissan regarding a claim/rectification?

It is a know fault and last I heard there were brackets that act as a sleeve which could be welded onto the chassis rails (not sure about any other areas of corrosion that cannot be detected.

It may be worth using a lightweight hammer to tap the chassis rails and see if the tone changes to signify a weakness in the metal

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