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Abs issues


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So I've had a garage fit two front hubs ( wheel bearings ) to my pthfinder, on the driver side he didn't clip the abs sensor wire up properly so it has been damaged on the drive shaft, it's put the esp, traction controll, 4wd and the abs light on my dash, I've replaced the abs sensor and all lights have gone out BUT! When I'm cornering the abs is going crazy and applying breaks as if I was in some sort of slide or something! Does anyone know what it could be? I've changed the front driver hub as I was told it could be faulty and still the problem is there, I don't want to be pulling the passenger side of if I can help it so thought I'd ask a few more opinions before it comes to that.... 😤

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It could be an issue with excess lash in the bearing and allowing the ABS sensor to take a false reading from the reluctor ring (revolution counts).

Possibly loose hub nut adjustment?
Why did the hub bearings get replaced in the first place?

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