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Nissan NV300 losing coolant

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Hi all, 

I’am hoping that maybe I could get an answer to my problem with my Nissan NV300 losing coolant. 

It loses coolant daily and I have to top up continuously and I have had the mechanic check it over three time for leaking pipes etc, but still haven’t had the problem resolved. One of the solutions suggested was replacing the cylinder head gasket! Also had the water pump checked and that seems to be in working order. 

Any suggestions on what it might be causing this would be greatly appreciated. Completely baffled!


Kind regards 

Adrian Brown 

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Hi Adrian, not sure how this has progressed but I would check the coolant loss first, e.g. is it burning it, mixing with the oil or falling out the bottom of the engine?

Check also the coolant pressure cap is up to scratch as if not the coolant will boil and disappear into water vapour (lowers the boiling point of the cooling system)

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