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Rear Seat


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Hi I have a 15 registered Qashqai and I have the following problem with the rear seat cushion (the bit you sit on to be clear)

I have noticed that symmetrically on both ends of each bulbous corner and to the front of the rear seat there is a small lump poking upwards under the upholstery. Quite visible they are metal and look like after a time they will burst through the upholstery.

To be more specific, if you reading this were sitting on the rear seat and I was sitting on the right hand drivers side, the small lump would be under my right thigh towards my knee and yours would be under your left thigh towards your knee.

Any ideas? I have removed the seat and it looks like a job for a professional.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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It doesn't sound right and more than likely the seat base has possibly been removed and not refitted correctly.

Try pulling it up, examining what the item sticking through it is and see if there is another way to secure it 

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