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low oil pressure


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Howdy. I have a 2009 nissan pixo and the oil light came on.
I topped up the oil, it still didn't go out.
I changed the oil and it still doesn't go out. In addition, some noises and knocks can be heard from the engine, like rockers.

The symptoms are like this:
When I start the engine, everything is ok. Light bulb off, everything normal, nice sound.
I go 4-5 km and the oil light comes on and the sound from the engine starts to appear.
I turn off the engine and start it again. Everything as at the beginning. The light is off, the engine runs fine... after 4-5 km the phase repeats.
So a simple shutdown and restart resets everything.
The car has only 140,000 km. Is it from the oil pump?
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