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Looking for a Nissan GURU :)

Cristian Roland

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Hi, i live in UK, seen a Nissan the other day, looked new generation, but cant find it at all over the internet and i fell in love with the look of the car. Don't know much about Japan Nissans but i will do my best to try and describe it.

It looked like a Japan City Car, like a Cube, but the Cube has that small arch in the back near the tail lights, the one that i saw was pretty much straight from top to bottom in the back, but the tail lights looked like the one on the Cube, forgot the name, wont even try to guess it so i don't confuse more then help.

Haven`t seen the front of the car, only the back and a bit of the side before i had to go another way. I didn't look long from the side, looked kind of small.

Maybe a Nissan Cube Z11, but on the back it didn't had the Cube badge, it was a different one, and not a bog standard car name, maybe the badge was one of the Cube edition ?

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Hi....welcome to the Club

There are so many Kei cars around so its hard to determine which one you have seen

Try this selection of Google images for the likely culprit


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