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BCM Battery Drain

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My wife owns a 2009 Nissan Murano that she bought brand new in that year. It has less than 60k miles on it. Recently if it sits for a week or more, it will not start because the battery is completely drained. Was thinking that it must have had a bad cell in the battery, so we replaced it. That did not remedy the issue. So I did a battery draw test on it. I disconnected the negative battery cable, then connected the negative lead of my multimeter to the terminal, and the positive lead to the cable. I then opened the door and put a clamp on the door jamb light switch. I let it set for 45 minutes allowing ample time for the BCM to hibernate. When I came back the draw was reading 130 milivolts. 0.13 on my multimeter. I started pulling fuses one at a time to see which one(s) caused the draw to decrease. The only one that caused any change was a fuse (that is actually three separate fuses) under the hood for "radiator fan 1, 40 A/ BCM, 40 A/ radiator fan 2, 40 A". When I pulled this one the draw dropped to 30 milivolts as it should be. Has anyone else encountered this? I'm hoping that it's something less expensive than replacing the pricey Body Control Module. 

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Great to see someone using the correct method of diagnosis to determine an electrical fault
Unfortunately, the remedy is pointing to the BCM which doesn't make it a pleasant pill to swallow with the cost of a new one.
I do wonder if there is any water ingress to the BCM or indeed if the earth leads are in good condition throughout the vehicle (have come across similar issue with Nissan's before)?

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I will definitely check all of the points of ground connection, and make sure that all BCM connections are secure and dry. Thank you for that insight. I was researching where the BCM is located, and it appears to be behind the instrument panel. Is that correct?

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