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Certificate of conformity for 2007 micra imported from Ukraine


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Good evening all, and hello!


We are trying to register a 2007 Micra 1.4 manufactured in the UK, but originally sold in Ukraine. Our friends have come to the UK and would now like to register the vehicle. In order to do this, we need the certificate of conformity, but the original has unfortunately been lost. Does any owner please have a copy of a C of C for this vehicle? The information is i assume standard between vehicles. 

If anyone is able to help that would be fabulous.


With all good wishes,



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I'm not sure about cars coming in from the Ukraine but imagine it is the same process for importing cars worldwide into the UK.

If its over 10 years old it doesn't matter about certificates of conformity as a lot of the Japanese or US imports don't have them
I once helped to import a Hummer H2 from Dubai into the UK and discovered that if it is over 10 years old the process is completely different to that of a younger vehicle.
It just needed the headlamps converting, lighting from red to amber and an MOT, that was it....a very simple process.

There is plenty of information on the DVLA website including the forms for registration that you need, beyond that nothing else was required

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