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Timing Chain Advice Please!


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Hi, (Nissan Note 2015 auto) went in to local mechanic because stop/start light flashing and engine light appear (amber) at the same time. I suspected battery issue (after a bit of googling). Mechanic told husband that oil is going down quicker than expected (almost a year since last oil change, no light appeared on dash) and engine was noisy when on dual carriageway (not on local roads) spoke to sister mechanic (nissan experts) who said could be timing chain and would mean car was a write off. Not noticed any significant changes in noise when driving. Any help would be so so much appreciated

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I would start with resolving the oil consumption issue.
This would hopefully sort any issues with noise from the engine.
Maybe also research the different oil grades you can put in the engine and maybe run a heavier weight of oil (e.g. 10w40 instead of 5w30)?
As long as it is the SAE specification for Nissan engines

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