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2023 Qashqai Ti faults

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Hi all, 

have a one month old Qashqai after replacing my 2017 model.  Not a good start, have a drivers side wing mirror that when In Reverse points up instead of down but otherwise works fine.  Also yesterday coming home from a few days away had a system fault alert with the lane departure warning light on orange also orange master warning light and engine malfunction orange icon.

Tried small drive today with no warning lights on, but don’t think the drivers side lane departure warning is working.

anyone with same issue or ideas, have talked to service department about mirror issue  which they haven’t heard of before but confirmed it wasn’t working as it should but haven’t notified them of yesterdays issues as yet.


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Hi....welcome to the Club

Sounds like the mirror programming could be out which would also affect the lane departure

I would definitely go back to the dealers and insist they re-programme the mirror/lane departure calibration settings

Let us know how you get on with it all

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Crikey I am surprised about a loose battery terminal in this day and age, used to be a very common problem many years ago on older cars and batteries but don't tend to hear about that much nowadays unless someone just didn't tighten it properly.

The mirror fault sounds like reverse polarity on the motor or switch possibly (a small DC motor can run either way if polarity is reversed)

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