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Infiniti Q50


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Hi All,

I have recently had a code on my Infiniti Q50 diesel and wondering if anyone here would be able to assist.

The code is noted as P2806 which is stating 'transmission range sensor (no sub type info)' . 

I actually changed the gear shifter, checked all the fuses and as best possible all the wiring that i can see. The problem is i can't get hold of a wiring diagram for this vehicle.

I am convinced that a relay or something has blown but without a diagram it's a minefield of wires to get through .


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not from what i can see, i replaced the shifter completely to eliminate any wires that i couldn't see. Same issue unfortunately.


Infiniti being a rare car in the UK, and having a Mercedes engine ,serviced by Nissan is proving to be complicated.


The closest dealer for this to me will be Nissan Coventry which is an hour away 

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I would therefore possibly take it to a transmission specialist who can focus on that system specifically.
Worth doing a google search to see who is in your local or wider area

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I managed to contact a electrical specialist for this Thursday so will update on the outcome. 

I even looked into 'All Data' but they want yearly subscription fee which i certainly won't utilise all the time. It would be good to see get some feedback from any of the forum members that have this subscription and does it cover the Infiniti diesel Euro models ?


Not everyones style but this is it.


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Just a quick update. The garage i took the car to absolutely nailed it.


For some reason they had to 're-learn' the gear shift positions. It works absolutely mint now. 

Definitely saved a trip to the dealers and less than a £100 to get it sorted. 

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