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Replacing gauge cluster - mileage?


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Hey guys,

I have a Pixo that unfortunately has had a bit of a shady past I didn’t know about when I bought it. I’ve fixed most of the issues it had and it’s been a good daily driver since. However, a previous owner has blacked out the Check Engine light on the dash. The light isn’t currently on and there are no faults showing up anymore on my obd2 scanner, but the blacked out light bothers me. 

So I have 2 questions:

1) Is the mileage stored in the cluster? I assume it is since mileage is listed for the clusters I see for sale. If it is I’ll just get a replacement with a slightly higher mileage, I’ve already found on that would be a fit.

2) What all needs to come out to replace the cluster? It seems fairly accessible, but has anyone done the job before?

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Okay, I did what I should've done before posting a question, and checked the technical manual. It seems getting the cluster out is straight forward. Remove radio, remove temperature controls, remove cluster panel and then remove the gauge cluster. Nissan calls it a "combination meter" for whatever reason. I've attached the relevant page here if someone else comes across this topic in the future.

I haven't found where mileage is stored, but I'm assuming in the cluster itself. I'm gonna order one with similar mileage. If mileage turns out to be recorded somewhere else that would be a bonus, but if not a few extra thousand miles on the odometer won't hurt and won't set off any alarm bells during the next MOT.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 130831.png

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Thanks for sharing the removal procedure and sure it will be handy for any other members looking to remove the instrument panel

Be aware that the replacement one may need programming into the vehicle if it has CanBus networking as the instrument panel is the 'Gateway' for the CanBus
Other methods would be to get the panel repaired 

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I swapped the cluster this weekend. Also took the opportunity to replace the crappy OEM-radio with a Bluetooth one. Used a 1-din dashkit for that, looks quite alright actually.

Nothing needs to be done to enable the replacement cluster. It’s plug and play. The mileage is stored in the cluster, so make sure you install one with slightly higher mileage than what you have as to not get into any odometer issues during the next MOT. I swapped my faulty 179k cluster with disabled check engine light for a unmolested one with 185k on it. Paid 40 bucks for it at a local junk yard. Those extra 6k in mileage won’t hurt the (non-existent) resale value anyway. 

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