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Stop start flashing after replacing new battery

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Hi, same issue I had. Battery is fully charged. All the lights were on but not starting. I found this in another forum I followed the advice and I worked. Hope itโ€™ll help ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Jackyboy117โ€™s advise : โ€˜I turned the ignition switch to the second point just before you start the engine, I then got out the car and disconnected the negative lead and replaced straight away. Now the car started to try and start but would only make the noise. I then had to shut all doors and bonnets, turn the engine off, lock the car with the key, open the car with the key, half turn the ignition and leave for 5 mins. Once the 5 mins is up turn off the car and straight away start.โ€™

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